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Terry Clemens, Executive Director, Natl Credit Reporting Assn

Terry Clemens, Executive Director

National Credit Reporting Association, Inc.

701 E. Irving Park Rd., Ste. 306

Roselle, Il 60172

Phone: 630-539-1525

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 A major thanks to Terry Clemens, who “gets it!” with the detailed but erroneous credit issues that surround short sellers! Mr. Clemens is often in front of the CFPB, at the White House and has a knowledge of the credit industry workings unparalled by anyone. This last weekend, I was honored to attend the NCRA Conference at Saddlebrook, Fl. and made major headway with those that can help with credit…. Thanks to Terry Clemens and Renee Erickson, another NCRA board member. 

Thank you, Terry…. you are invaluable to help that is needed right now for short sellers! 


Terry W. Clemans, Executive Director

National Credit Reporting Assoc., Inc. –

Phone 630-539-1525 Fax 630-539-1526 –


Since 2001 Terry has served as the Executive Director of the National Credit Reporting Association, Inc. (NCRA) a Chicago based national trade association representing the housing credit reporting industry. NCRA members account for more than 80% of the companies in the US that produce credit reports required by HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for mortgage lending.


Terry has been involved in the collections and credit reporting industries since 1985. In 1991 he founded American Credit Connection, Inc. a credit reporting agency providing mortgage, tenant and employment screening reports. He grew the company from a three person start up to twenty four employees at the time of its acquisition by publicly traded competitor Factual Data Corp in 1998. After the acquisition he served as Factual Data’s VP and regional sales manager for the mortgage reporting division and the national marketing director of the Empfacts employment screening division. 

Optional personal data-  Terry has a bachelors degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University were he was a member of the NIU Hall of Fame 1983 Mid-American Conference and California.