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Renee Erickson, Acranet Credit Svc’s, NCRA Board Member

Renee Erickson, President and NCRA Board Member

ACRAnet Hearland Credit Services

2139 Tapo St., Ste. 209

Simi Valley, CA 93063

Phone: 800-435-7193

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Renee is my hero! When no one else could figure out the “back end code” when short sale credit was showing up as a foreclsoure, Renee found it! NO IT PERSONS at FNMA, FHLMC and even other credit agencies could not find where the erroneous foreclosure code was at, though all were looking for it. Renee stuck with it and found the code is often not able to be seen on credit reports, but is in the back code. Renee worked with other credit bureaus and myslef, as we were getting called by many trying to figure out how we found the dreaded”foreclosure code”. And even when we found it in more places, she did not give up! Renee and I will be working on webinar and instructional info. very soon to help the vast number fo credit companies desperately trying to find where coding is located.

Thank YOU, Renee…. for being as obsessed with finding this as I was. You are truly a Solution Maker, and your efforts will help short sellers across the nation.  

With more than three decades of operational and management experience in the Credit Reporting Industry, Renee Erickson has developed a high level of knowledge and understanding of the importance of the “credit report” as it pertains to the mortgage loan process. As an entrepreneur who built her own successful credit reporting agency after working for Equifax and Trans Union for several years, she began her involvement with the National Credit Reporting Association, a national trade association for the reseller market. She currently serves on the Board of Directors and was previously President, Vice President, and Treasurer. She has extensive experience in planning, monitoring, and managing the performance of operational processing in customer service, compliance, and technical support. After selling her company to large re-seller in Salisbury, Maryland, she re-located and accepted the position of Director of Operations where she remained for three years prior to coming to ACRAnet. She is currently employed as the Operations Manager for the California office of ACRAnet.

ACRAnet was founded on the belief that leading mortgage institutions want to do business with a company that can offer personal service, consistent quality, competitive pricing, and cutting edge technology. Today ACRAnet is one of the largest consumer credit agencies in the country, and recognized in the appraisal industry for quality, technology and industry first innovations.