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Solution Makers… with innovative services to help clients regain homeownership


These are companies that offer solutions to help clients stay in homes, negotiate short sells with the least damage to credit, and help with credit for homeownership again. 


 Responsible Homeowner Reward, awarded one of the Top Inventions of 2010 by TIME Magazine, is a program administered by Loan Value Group, LLC. The basic premise of the Program is to provide a homeowner with a cash reward (the “RH Reward”) for making timely monthly mortgage payments over a period of time established by the homeowner’s mortgage company.

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National Credit Federation, an attorney driven credit restoration organization, will help past short sale clients whose credit reflects an M-9, the credit status given to foreclosures. There is no specific credit status for short sales, but the M-9 foreclosure status results in a mortgage denial through automated mortgage underwriting engines. National Credit Federation developed a legal document that requests corrections to the credit report, resulting in mortgage approvals through DU and LP automated mortgage engines. Contact  Joe Gendelman, 813-425-1364, e-mail, or visit for more information. Mr. Gendelman has already worked with Pam Marron to successfully correct short sale credit, resulting in mortgage approvals for customers.  There is a fee to get credit corrected.


Julie Stillwell negotiates short sales and modifications at a reasonable fee. She also understands the importance of negotiating with lenders to allow short sellers to continue making mortgage payments. Ms.Stillwell negotiates with various agency program for loan modifications as well.     

Contact Julie Stilwell at 727-389-4129 or email

Information Julie will need to determine short sale eligibility:

1.       short sale checklist

2.       financial worksheet

3.       LOA for Short Sale

4.       Hardship Reasons

5.       ss.modific.refinanc FAQs