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 Worried about getting a new mortgage after a short sale, deed in lieu or modification?

Even if you’ve been denied by a lender, housing counselors are standing by to help. Get “mortgage-ready” with solutions that can ensure that past mortgage credit from a short sale or modification… and even a deed-in-lieu or excessive mortgage lates… don’t show up as a foreclosure and result in a new loan denial.

Be “Mortgage Ready” Before Purchase

HUD approved housing counselors are available to assist consumers who have had a past short sale, modification, deed-in-lieu, or even excessive mortgage lates to prepare for reentry back into the housing market.

Did you know that your past mortgage credit can show up as a foreclosure causing a denial for a new mortgage?  The problem is usually discovered when a new conventional mortgage loan is run through a lenders automated underwriting system.

Unfortunately, this problem often does not get discovered until you are already in the mortgage process. The foreclosure problem isn’t visible on a regular credit report.  It is visible on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac automated results. Your loan officer may be able to see this on a mortgage credit report that links to details from the three credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

Get ahead of this problem before you sign a purchase contract

First, you’ll need to complete a residential mortgage application and have a tri-merged credit report pulled.

Then, the mortgage application and credit will be uploaded into the Fannie Mae system and the automated results will show if your past mortgage credit shows up as a foreclosure.

Proof of the initial event date such as a closing statement and proof of the initial short sale or modification approval from the lender is also required.

Call us at 1-866-702-4557 or email for assistance that will ensure that your past mortgage credit is corrected prior to making a new home purchase. We want you to be “mortgage ready” when you go to a loan originator or lender for your home loan approval.

There is a fee paid upfront for this service.

Loan originators can provide a credit back to you for closing costs on a new mortgage closing. Talk to your housing counselor and lender for more details.

We all know the burning feeling of embarrassment if we have ever been turned down or judged because of a financial issue. We often experience our financial worthiness as reflecting on ourselves as individuals, too. It can be mortifying to have a realtor, banker or mortgage lender tell us we are not “credit worthy” or not “qualified” for a home purchase. Such experiences can feel emotionally negative and even painful.

It’s not just a credit issue, it’s an emotional issue, too.

We understand these feelings! Channel this emotional energy by getting the expertise of a certified housing counselor who has worked with thousands of people who have been in the same exact situation. Millions of people just like you have had once-in-a-lifetime experiences that resulted in a past foreclosure, short sale or other credit issue that affect their capacity to purchase a home now, years later. Many people just like you have worked hard to overcome their setbacks only to discover that miscoded credit references or other credit technicalities continue to hold back their progress. Our team understands what you are experiencing and will serve your needs in a warm, supportive and confidential manner. Let us help you succeed in achieving your financial goals and outcomes.

About Housing Counseling

More than 8 million homeowners have sought the assistance of nonprofit HUD approved housing counselors since the beginning of the housing crisis. It is the job of the counselor to help individuals identify their financial obstacles to homeownership and work to resolve them. Consumers report that they particularly appreciate that the counselor is there especially for them, tailoring solutions to fit the consumer’s precise situation, taking the time necessary to understand their unique issues and working tirelessly to help them reach their goal of sustainable homeownership.

Helping consumers who have gone through a short sale

Housing counselors can be especially useful to those individuals who went through a short sale following the crisis and are now trying to re-enter the housing market. Many of these consumers report they are incorrectly coded by the credit reporting agencies as having gone through foreclosure. Oftentimes, this error results in an otherwise-qualified borrower being denied a new home loan. This is a complex problem which requires the help of specially-trained housing counselors.

One Group is Especially Trained to Help

One group has stepped forward to help the two million households who have gone through a short sale but are wrongly coded as having gone through a foreclosure. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®), founded in 1951, is the nation’s largest and longest-serving nonprofit financial counseling organization. NFCC has identified one of their leading organizations to be the national leader in developing effective solutions for households with this problem.

The mission of the NFCC member agency is to strengthen the well-being of individuals and families through education, guidance, advocacy and support. Their professional staff have gone through months of training to deeply understand these credit reporting issues, using their expertise in credit and housing counseling. They stand ready to help.

Cost of the service

There is a two-part cost:

  1. $125 to verify the precise problem. Consumers face a dizzying array of complex miscoding and other documentation problems. The initial step towards resolution is the diagnosis, the verification of the precise nature of the consumer’s problem.
  2. $300 to resolve the issue and clear the way for the consumer to be approved for a mortgage loan. This process includes comprehensive homebuyer education to ensure the client is best-positioned to enjoy sustainable homeownership for many years to come.

Navicore’s team of housing counselors are amongst the best in the business. Each counselor has obtained special certification in comprehensive consumer finance through the NFCC in addition to the specialized training referenced above.

General Pre-Purchase Counseling

Many potential homeowners report that the process of preparing to buy a home is complex, arduous and sometimes confusing. The purchase of a home is, after all, the most expensive and potentially risky purchase anyone makes in a lifetime.

This reality gave rise to the HUD-approved nonprofit housing counseling and coaching field. There are thousands of HUD approved nonprofit counselors around the country ready to assist potential homeowners in (1) understanding the mortgage process; (2) preparing themselves by reducing debt, establishing savings for a downpayment and improving their credit scores; (3) getting through the closing process more easily and (4) succeeding with homeownership long term.

These counselors can be reached through the HUD interactive voice mail service at 800-569-4287 or at “Find a HUD approved housing counselor.” (

Foreclosure Credit Fix Network

Do you know if your past short sale, modification, deed-in-lieu or excessive mortgage late payments will show up as a foreclosure and cause you problems when getting a new mortgage?

Contact an NFCC Member Agency at 1-866-702-4557 or email for immediate help. You may also check the Foreclosure Credit Fix Network at for local HUD approved housing counselors, loan originators, lenders, realtors and credit reporting agencies that know of this problem and can work with you.

There is a fee for this service. However, loan originators and lenders who have agreed to provide a credit back towards closing costs on your next home purchase will be promoted on the Foreclosure Credit Fix Network map. The goal is to have you “mortgage ready” when you are eligible for a mortgage again.

After services to assist in correcting credit are applied, you can proceed to your local realtor, lender and loan originator for a new mortgage when eligible again.