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Fix Credit Dispute

How the Consumer can take “Dispute” off of their credit themselves for free

  1. Email customer credit report. Follow steps 3 and 4 to locate all repositories with dispute.
  2. Go to credit report. On account where dispute shows up, click on link (XP/TU/EF) (under PAID) to see individual 3 repositories.

  1. Below is what 3 individual repositories look like under Original Tradelines for creditor above. There can be up to 3 disputes noted, or 1 for each repository. Check each under Remarks for the word Dispute, Disputed or Disputes. Whatever Bureau the Dispute is noted for may need be deleted from credit report.

Important Note: Experian and Equifax below show Dispute in remark. TransUnion does not. Borrower only needs to request Dispute be deleted from Experian and Equifax.

disputes 2

  1. Call the Creditor (Vanderblt Mortgage, ph# listed on credit report). Tell them you no longer want to dispute validity of the debt & to remove the comment. Tell them you are in the process of a mortgage and clarify that this will be done in 72 hours.
  2. Ask that the dispute be deleted and request a letter from the creditor to confirm.
  3. Consumer calls each bureau back after 72 hours and confirm the disputed verbiage from contacted bureaus have been removed. Then, your housing counselor, loan originator or lender can re-pull a new tri-merged credit report.
    1. EFX#800-203-7843
    2. XPN#800-493-1058
    3. TU#800-916-8800

Through your HCA or lender that credit report received from, re-pull credit 48 hours after dispute removal requested.

How A Lender can Delete Dispute Through Rapid Rescore

Below is a generic dispute removal request letter if your credit bureau must do a Rapid Rescore. There is a cost for this.

Provide the letter shown below noting each account that dispute shows up on credit report for and the account#. Even if the dispute is noted under 1 to 3 of the repositories (EF/TU/XP), only list the account once with the account # on this letter. (Experian and Equifax only in example above.) Loan Officer/Processor must sign. Loan officer must pay for if file in process.


Equifax                       Transunion                  Experian                     Credit Reporting Agency name and address go here

PO Box 740256          PO Box 2000              PO Box 2002             100 Main Street

Atlanta, GA  30374    Chester, PA                 Allen, TX  75013        Anywhere, USA zipcode


To Whom It May Concern:

I/We are writing to request the term “account information disputed by consumer” and/or “consumer disputes this account information” be removed from my/our account(s)/credit report(s).  I/We had previously disputed erroneous information that was reporting, but the above creditor(s) has since corrected this information, therefore, I/we no longer dispute the information being reported.  I/We have requested that each creditor update this with the bureaus.

I/We are requesting that it be removed as soon as possible, as I/we are no longer disputing this account or its status.



CONSUMER                                                              CONSUMER

CONSUMER ADDRESS                                           CONSUMER ADDRESS

SS#                                                                              SS#

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Section 611), CIC Credit will submit the above signed letter to all three repositories on behalf of the consumer. In order for dispute verbiage to be removed from the report thru the Rapid Rescore ™ process, this letter must be signed and dated by all consumers and Loan Officer/Processor.Please be aware, the removal of dispute verbiage through the rescore process in no way guarantees the creditor will not report the dispute to the repositories on their regular data download at their next reporting interval. The consumer must also contact each creditor to have them also remove the dispute and comments from the reporting data. CIC Credit will not be held liable for the creditor reporting the dispute after the rescore had been completed.LOAN OFFICER OR PROCESSOR SIGNES HERE AND DATES____________________________________________________ __________________Loan Officer/ Processor Acknowledgment                                       Date