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Directions to SUBMIT A COMPLAINT to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Here are steps with visual to follow.

  • Go to SUBMIT A COMPLAINT at the top left and click on Submit a Complaint.

complaint 1

complaint 2

1.What happened?

complaint 3

2.Desired Solution

complaint 4

If “Date Reported” is the problem, include Lender Letter

Effective NOW: Call your past short sale lender and ask for the “Executive Mortgage Complaint Escalation” phone number. Call this phone # and ask for a letter stating that your past mortgage closed as a short sale with the date of the short sale closing.

  1. Have your HUD-1 Closing Statement and the short sale approval letter(s) for the 1st (and 2nd ) mtg. ready upon this call. Confirm when this letter will be sent.
  2.  Attach this letter received from past short sale lender in your CFPB Submit a Complaint on Step 4. Product Information of CFPB directions below.
  3. Also, provide this letter to your mortgage lender and ask them to re-pull a new credit report.
  4. Have your lender rerun your loan with the new credit report through Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriting. This should result in an Approve/Eligible, or an Approve/Ineligible that can be fixed with proof of the short sale date.

2 sample Letters from Lender:

complaint 5 complaint 6

3.My Information

complaint 7

Finish it off. Attach short sale approval letter(s) from your lender and your closing statement (HUD-1) showing the loan closed with you as the seller, not the lender as the seller.

4.Product Information

complaint 8


You will receive an answer back from the CFPB within 15 days so keep an eye out for their emails.