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Directions to SUBMIT A COMPLAINT to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau know if your short sale is being coded as a foreclosure on the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac automated underwriting system. 

Take these steps:

  • Go to the SUBMIT A COMPLAINT tab and then click on Submit a complaint.

1.CFPB.submit compl


  • The first page is labeled Submit a Complaint. Click on the Mortgage button.

2.CFPB.looks like


  •   The first of five steps will ask for details about what happened.

1. What Happened?

This is where you describe what the problem is and how it was found. Click on either Applying for the loan or Receiving a credit offer to specify the point of your problem. Max.  4000 characters.

3.a.CFPB.what happened


This will show up at “Form Trouble? Chat Now!”

4.CFPB live chat


 2. Desired Resolution asks you what the preferred resolution would be. A sample idea is shown in the picture. 

 3.d.desired solution


 3. My Information

Fill out your information.

3.b.CFPB.file complaint


4. Product Information

Fill out information about your mortgage here.

Attach noted “scan and attach” documents to support your case. Then, click Continue.

4.CFPB.Prod Info


5. Review

This is a summary of information on all previous pages.



Submit your complaint.

  • At the end, make a password so that you can log in and follow your case.


Tell Your Story. If you would like to do this, go back to the Home page, go to the SUBMIT A COMPLAINT tab, and click on Tell your story.


Wait for an email from

This prompts a response from your lender typically within 3 days but can take up to 15 days. Below is what the emailed letter from the CFPB looks like.

CFPB Bank ltr pg 1

bank ltr pg 2

Bank Ltr pg 3

bank ltr pg 4

bank ltr pg 5

The resulting letter from your past short sale lender will have a CFPB case#.

Kelly CFPB letter

When you receive this emailed letter, give it to your lender.

Your new lender will need to:

1) re-pull a new credit report (not a supplement)

2) rerun Fannie Mae Desktop Originator/Underwriter through the automated underwriting system (AUS).

You should receive an Approve/Eligible.

If not:

3) proceed with the lender letter directions, have your new lender re-pull new credit after the lender letter is received, and rerun AUS.

4) If neither of these work, you will have to wait until the Nov. 16, 2013 Fannie Mae fix which allows lenders to receive proof of a short sale, make a change in the Fannie Mae AUS, and then run your findings for an Approve/Eligible.