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Help for Underwater Homeowners

Shortly, this page will list all of the resources found to help over 16 million underwater homeowners across the nation. Many of these servicers have taken a chance and tried to provide solutions for you thinking “outside of the box” because of a genuine desire to help underwater homeowners.

Every one of you have had a “straw that broke the camel’s back”. Every one of you have gone through anxiety of not wanting to default on your mortgage, but were given this as your only option by your mortgage holder. Everyone of you have lost it all, but continue to work with me and others to put your life and families back together.  We will help you.

Please consider working with these service providers. They know that you simply want to go forward.

Please contact Pam Marron  if you would like to help with this challenge at 727-375-8986 or e-mail


I am most grateful to the many short sellers who have called me, who have patience in getting through arduous processes, and who let us know where things aren’t working so that we can tackle problems one at  a time. Thank you for your patience.