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Solutions for a Purchase after a Short Sale… and Solutions to Stay!

Let’s be clear. 

This website WAS NOT meant to help those that look for ways of taking advantage of loopholes found in the mortgage market.

This site IS meant to help underwater homeowners:
  • who are contemplating a shorts sale and to understand that they can continue to pay their mortgage up to the short sale closing thereby helping credit to recover quicker.

…to help short sellers:

  • who have already incurred late pays prior to the short sale, are past the wait timeframe needed when mortgage late pays are incurred prior to the short sale, and need to downgrade or delete a current M-9 foreclosure status (common for short sales).

… and to help homeowners:

  • who really don’t want to short sale, or can’t short sale, and are looking for ways to stay in the home and gain back equity.