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HIGH RECOMMENDATION for Attorney Chae DuPont with Morris and DuPont


For all real estate loss mitigation, #1 recommendation for “to the point” services!

HIGH RECOMMENDATION FOR ATTORNEY CHAE DUPONT! For the last 2 yrs, I have been advocating for short sellers, underwater homeowners and those who are going through really hard problems trying to get modifications.
Yesterday I was able to sit in on 4 meetings with clients who need modification/loss mitigation help with attorney Chae DuPont. These were the initial FREE appointments that Morris and DuPont offers clients. During all mtgs., I witnessed Chae look at paperwork, listen to incredible stories and give a recommendation of where to go, what to do, right there in the meeting. Often, Chae told homeowners how to do tasks if they desired to try themselves. A road to recovery was given during each of these 1 hour FREE consultations. Morris and DuPont Law firm is a well rounded real estate attorney service firm that looks at all aspects of real estate law: the challenge of getting through the problem and EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, how the homeowner lands when they come out of these horrific situations. I would recommend Morris and DuPont as the #1 law firm to get help with any real estate loss mitigation problems. Call Morris and DuPont at 305-444-3437.

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Since 1985 as a loan originator, highly experienced with automated loan approvals on DU, LP, and with USDA GUS systems, thorough knowledge and use of FHA loans including 203K rehab, conventional loans including USDA, Homepath and rehab, and VA loans. After 27 years, I STILL love this business!


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  1. Chae duPont says:

    Thank you very much Pam for the sterling recommendation, we realy appreciate it! It was a pleasure to have you sit in on our consultations and bear witness to the incredible situations that some people have found themselves in – through no fault of their own. All of us here at Morris | duPont appreciate the work that you do for those homeowners who are current and who are able to qualify for the programs that you offer. For those homeowners who are not current and/or cannot qualify for the programs that you offer, we welcome them to call our office to schedule their free consultation to explore what other options may be available (800.974.2712.) Thanks again!

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