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Realtors: Why Help Short Sellers Repurchase?

More Buyers NOW = Realtor Income Increase NOW = Higher Values NOW!

Example in tri-county Tampa Bay, Florida alone: Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties:

  • increase the number of homebuyers in the marketplace
  • bring $12.5 million monthly income back into the realtor earning stream NOW versus waiting two years!
  • help change supply and demand to bring house prices back up!


How? Here’s the numbers….

       Realized Waiting Revenue to the Real Estate Community!

  • 18,550 short sellers in 2011
  • 18,550/ 12 months = 1545 short sellers/mo. that COULD BE eligible to re-purchase NOW!
  • $135,000: median home price in Tampa Bay, Florida
  • $135,000 x 6% realtor commission = $8,100 on a repurchase for a buyer
  • $8,100 x 1545 new purchases = $12,514,500 in realtor monthly income in Tampa Bay alone!

As a licensed correspondent lender for 27 years, these resources have helped me help homeowners entering, coming out of, and avoiding a short sale. These options are not easy, but they are working. If more of us do the same, it will eventually become easier.

Contact Pam Marron, 27 years Sr. Loan Officer,at 727-375-8986 for help getting your short sellers ready for a future purchase, or to help underwater homeowners stay put, with equity solutions!

Committed to helping my customers achieve homeownership!

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